About Ashay Mervyn

Welcome to the WordPress blog of Ashay Mervyn. Here you will find articles, blog posts from Ashay Mervyn, a successful entrepreneur, trader and expert in emerging markets.

On this blog you will find a wide variety of topics covered; Ashay has established himself within business and trading spheres, but there are many different subjects which are close to his heart.  Feel free to peruse the archived posts or keep up to date with each topic through an RSS feed. New and existing posts will cover topics as diverse as fitness, emerging markets, oil development in Africa, and global politics.

Bringing dedication, discipline and passion to each project, Ashay Mervyn has developed an impressive reputation as an individual able to raise substantial funds for business endeavours and charitable organisations alike. His non-profit efforts have seen vulnerable young people in the UK being given the assistance they need to become independent, positive contributors to society after leaving care; as well as overseeing fundraising for important performing arts programmes.

In his role as Head of Emerging Markets at JNFX Ltd, Ashay Mervyn has supervised deals to provide and trade investment flows into emerging markets with high growth potential. As a trader and analyst Ashay has traded for Emini SP Futures Contracts, Crude Oil Futures Contracts, and US 10 Year Treasury Note Futures. This has involved keen business acumen including comprehensive risk management, corporate balance sheet analysis and valuations; as well as a fundamental understanding of economic and financial analysis for existing businesses, stocks and markets.

Through his work, Ashay has been committed to using his business networks to help investors and developing countries enter into mutually beneficial arrangements. Ones which promote both profit, and the welfare of those living in poorer economies and developing areas.


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